FoxAcre Press Information Sheets

These are one- and two-page documents in the Acrobat format, version 3.0., They are primarily intended for print use, and designed to be printed on letter-size 8.5 by 11 inch paper -- though they should work on A4, or on other sizes of paper if your printer can do the scaling. These files may be downloaded, copied and distributed freely, provided it is for the purpose of selling, marketing, promoting, or reporting on FoxAcre Press or its books.

Order Forms

Book Information

FoxAcre Press Information


Order Forms

Here is the order form for readers to place orders via mail or fax, using credit cards, checks, or money orders. This form is in Acrobat PDF format, and can be printed out and/or downloaded for use as a printed form.

Click here for the HTML version of our order form. Those customers who cannot access the Acrobat PDF version should be able to view this form, then print it out, fill it out, and mail or fax it to FoxAcre Press.

Book Information Sheets

These are the catalog-style pages, or "sell sheets" for all our FoxAcre-published titles. . They include all information required for ordering the books.

Writing and Publishing Titles

Mother Miller's How to Write Good Book

A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing

Science Fiction and Fantasy Titles

 The Prince of Morning Bells

The Sins of the Fathers and Lifeboat Earth

Orphan of Creation

Crosstime Traffic

Shadow on the Stars

FoxAcre Press Information Sheets

These pages provide general information on FoxAcre Press, our policies, plans, and ways to do business with us. While most of this information is available through the website, these pages provide the information in a form targeted for various audiences -- ie, authors, booksellers, and readers.

Information for Authors.

Information for Booksellers.

Information for Readers.

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