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Thank you for your interest in A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing.

I do my best to keep up with changes in this fast-changing field, but new information just keeps on coming in. This page will provide the latest Book-On-Demand news since I last closed out the text of the book.

I have just released a new edition of the book, with over 40 pages of new information, and, frankly, I just don't  have time to sum up that new information here, and likely won't have it for some time. (When I do update it, I will try and strike a balance between updating old information and posting the entire text of the book here.) In the meantime, do visit the BOD Resources Page, which lists the names, adddresses, and websites of many BOD-related businesses. I have managed to keep that page more or less current. Also take a look at the new BOD Bookshelf page, now offering multiple BOD-related titles.

This list of updates is cumulative. Therefore, your copy of the book may already reflect some of the older changes. Check in now and again at the book-on-demand pages at www.foxacre.com, where I will post further updates as I put them together. Check the revision date of  your copy on the copyright page to see how far back you need to go on the dated changes listed below. You might want to print out this page and keep it with your copy of the book for easy reference.

Copies of the book ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. are printed by Lightning Source. Because we get billed for every change made to the version of the book stored with Lightning Source, I don't update that version with every minor revision or correction. Whenever enough minor changes have accumulated, or whenever I do a major revision, I update the Lightning Source version.

 If you have any questions or comments, or book-on-demand information that might be useful to other readers, please do contact me at info@foxacre.com.

Again, thanks for your interest in my book.

All the best,

Roger MacBride Allen

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July 5, 2002

I am in the process of preparing the next edition of the book, and have just updated the database of names and addresses from Appendix Three. There were an astonishing number of changes. Lots of well-intentioned companies are no longer with us, and there are a number of business name changes.

I have prepared a web page with completely updated information, along with clickable links to all the companies with web sites. Visit this new Book-On-Demand Resource Page to see the changes.

A few quick notes on cases where name changes might make things hard to find: Rexam DSI has been purchased by Fibermark. Round Table Systems (RTS) is now called Binary Thing. I have deleted the entry for Writer's Club as it seems to have been totally absorbed by IUniverse.

IUniverse takes over Writer's Club, Minor Updates

November, 2000.  I have deleted references to the Writer's Club as an independent entitity. It has apparently been purchased by IUniverse. I have updated the information on the printers I use to create books in-house to reflect my purchase of a Lexmark T614nl printer. I have also corrected a few minor typos. These changes are minor enough that I have not yet uploaded them to the copy of the book stored in the Lightning Source database.

Changes below this point have been entered into the Lightning Source database version of the book.

Lightning Print Changes Name

Lightning Print has changed its name to Lightning Source, reflecting its plans to expand its services. The web site listed in the text, www.lightningprint.com, is still operational as of this date, but will redirect you to the new website address, www.lightningsource.com. Through a partnership with Microsoft, Lightning Source is planning to allow publishers to sell electronic versions of their tex-- in other words e-books-- as well as printed books. This service is addition to, not in lieu of, their on-demand printing services, which are being expanded. Visit the Lightning website for more information.

(In the interests of full disclosure, it should be noted that FoxAcre Press uses Lightning Source to print many of its titles--including some versions of A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing. Generally speaking, copies of A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing ordered directly from FoxAcre will be printed and bound on the premises. Copies ordered from Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other online or conventional booksellers will be printed by Lightning. This is not hard and fast. See details in the book's colophon for how to distingiush the versions of the book.)

See the end of this update for current contact information for Lightning.

Product updates effective March 2000

The information below updates copies of A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing with revision dates before April, 2000. Books with later revisions dates reflect the changes discussed below.

Discontinued Products

 The following two products mentioned in A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing have been discontinued.

Prontos S 300 Perfect Binder. Manufacturer: Eurotechnica. U.S. Distributor: Brackett. Brackett has ceased importing this machine.

The Bindery Spine Tape Binding System. Distributed by: AHT. AHT, the former distributor, has dropped the machine due to poor sales. The reps from AHT had some vague idea that someone else had picked up the machine for distribution, but I was left with the clear impression that another reason they dropped the machine was that it was no damned good. As I had received the same impression elsewhere, I did not pursue that lead. If someone else is selling it, good luck to him.

New  and Updated Products

Bourg Perfect Binder bb1000 Price: $8,000. Max book size 14 by 12 inches. Maximum binding thickness 1.5 inch. Weight 265 pounds. Glue temperature 245 to 392 degrees Farenheit. Does notching and roughing, includes paper waste removal system.

This looks to be a competitor to the Duplo 250. Note: the info sheet claims the unit does "scoring," but this does not mean it scores the covers. It would appear to be a reference to spine-notching by another name. The same info sheet specifically states that with thick cover stock "prescoring of covers may be required." It appears to be a solid, powerful machine suitable for higher-end book-on-demand work.

Powis-Parker Model 15x "Fastback" Binder This update to the Model 15 has a true perfect binding mode. (Existing Model 15 units can be upgraded to the 15x.) By using a new binding strip, called the "Perfectbind" strip, you can now use the 15x to do true wrap-around covers. The one slight drawback is that it is a two-stage process. First the pages must be bound to the inside of the Perfectbind strip, and then the cover is bound to the outside of the Perfectbind strip in a second pass.

Updated address information

CP Bourg
New Bedford Industrial Park
50 Samuel Barnet Blvd
New Bedford MA 02745-1285
(508) 998-2171 fax: (508) 998-2391
Binding and cutting machines.

Lightning Source
1246 Heil Quaker Blvd.
La Vergne, TN 37086
www.lightningsource.com inquiry@lightningsource.com
Voice: (615) 213-5815 Fax: (615) 213-4426
For Media inquiries: publicrelations@lightningsource.com
For Technical issues: techsupport@lightningsource.com

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