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From this page, you can dive right in and explore the FoxAcre Press Wholesale Catalog, or else jump to other pages providing information of interest to professional booksellers. Click here  to go down to the bottom of this page for information on how to use the online ordering system. You can also return to the FoxAcre Press home page.

By using the Wholesale Catalog, you may order FoxAcre Press titles online via credit card, or else quickly and easily generate an order page you may print out to mail or fax to us. If you prefer, you may use the order form that appears on page two of our dealer bulletin to place your order. FoxAcre Press titles are also available via your standard order procedure from Baker & Taylor and Ingram. New titles will typically be available sooner direct from FoxAcre. We offer fast fulfillment service and competitive discount rates to our direct customers.

All first orders must be pre-paid or placed using a credit card. We will glady accept invoiced orders for established customers.

FoxAcre Press publishes quality science fiction and fantasy trade paper reprints and single-author collections by some of the best-known authors in the field. We also offer how-to books on writing and publishing. We also offer books by other publishers for sale. Our discount schedule as discussed in our dealer bulletin  applies primarily to books we publish ourselves. Please visit our Stock Category Information Page to learn about discount rates on books from other publishers.

Please note that, in order to avoid confusion, we have not included any direct hyperlinks between this Wholesale Catalog section and the retail sales catalog, which can be seen at www.foxacre.com. It is, however, possible to move through our catalog pages via a series of hyperlinks that will get you to the retail main page -- and perhaps then to the un-discounted retail catalog. We suggest you bookmark this page, so you can return to it easily.

Using our Wholesale Catalog

As you select books to order, our catalog system will automatically keep running totals, and compute the discount your order qualifies for, as well as the shipping cost of your order. As you shop, choose any view order button to see your current order.

A quick word about how our Wholesale Catalog is organized. The main catalog page offers links to books in various categories, and to groups of books organized in various ways -- by author, by subject, and so on. Make a selection, and you will be taken to a page for that category, with full order information on each applicable title. You may then order simply by entering the number of copies you want for each title, and then clicking on a button marked "Update Order." You may also jump to a detail page for each title. The detail page will offer you a larger image of the cover, and a link to the title's main Retail Infomation Page.

For some titles, the Information Page will simply repeat the information you have already seen. However, many titles have Information Pages offer sample text from the books, review quotes and additional information, as well as links to other related pages.

Please note the order links on the titles' Retail Information Pages are intended for retail sales and are linked to our retail catalog. YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE A PROFESSIONAL SALES DISCOUNT if you order via the retail catalog.

Color coding tip:


Pages with this background color are in the
Professional Sales Catalog.

Pages with this background color are in the
Retail Sales Catalog.

If you find that you've burrowed a bit too deep into the retail catalog, and aren't sure how you got there, it's probably easiest just to return to this page and start over.

You may view your present order, along with the current discount level and estimated shipping, at any time. Once you are satisfied with your order, select a link to the check-out page, where you may enter your address and payment information. On the check-out page, you may choose to place your order online via a credit card, or to print out an order form you can mail or fax in.

It's quick, easy, and fast. Once again, welcome. Please don't hesitate to write us at info@foxacre.com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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