FoxAcre Press Moves To New Webhost

July 10, 2001

FoxAcre Press has now completed its move to its new hosting, as discussed below. All email addresses are up and running, and our new on-line catalog system is open for business. We'll be doing various cosmetic tweaks to our CATALOG in the days to come, but the core system is  ready to take your order via our secure server.

Please contact us at if you spot any errors in spelling, or broken links, or other problems, on our website.

June 25, 2001

FoxAcre Press is in the process of moving to a new web hosting service. The web address will remain, and the average user will notice little or no immediate change in the overall look, feel, and performance of FoxAcre's website. There might be a very brief period when our email addresses are temporarily down, but otherwise the hand-over should be smooth. All our email addresses will be back up and running very shortly after the change. Otherwise, while we can't guarantee a completely uneventful handover, we don't anticipate any problems at this time.

Effective as soon as the technical transfer is made, we'll be hosted by Hostway, one of the top-rated shared hosting services. This change will permit FoxAce to provide several new online services, including a chat room and an on-line bulletin board service.

Most importantly, we will be adding highly secure direct online ordering, replacing our current service at  While does provide fine catalog and credit card services, our change in web hosting service makes it more economical and efficient to bring our ordering service in under the website.  Our customers will soon be able to order direct from the description page for each title.

Former Hosting Services
Previously, FoxAcre was hosted by (formerly known as Our main reason for changing was to take advantage of certain features of Linux/Unix based hosting.

During our startup, FoxAcre lived on a "virtual" website, using a trick called "redirection" to send visitors to a sub-page of the publisher's private home page at This worked just fine, but it imposed a number of limitations.For the sake of those who have bookmarked the old site, we've maintained a version of the website at the old site under its actual web address. However, we ask that you start using and reset any bookmarks, etc. to our new address.

Thanks to WWW.SFF.NET for being a terrific temporary host. One reason for making the move was to avoid wearing out our welcome there. They gave a lot, and we didn't want to ask for more than our share. SFF.NET's generous support of the science fiction community is a true gift to all who work in the field, and we thank them for all their kindness.

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