Author's Stock Titles

These books are provided to FoxAcre Press by the author, or else purchased by FoxAcre from other publishers or booksellers. Most are publisher's overstock, sold by the original publisher when the title is officially declared "out of print."  Some are still in print, but difficult to find. These are not used copies, but clean, new, unread books, in the same condition as bookstore copies fresh out of the carton. Obviously, these books are available in limited quanity, and it therefore may not be possible to fill bulk orders, or replace copies damaged in transit. FoxAcre Press guarantees its products, and normally replaces any damaged or defective merchandise. In the event that an Author's Stock title is no longer available, FoxAcre Press will refund the purchase price of any damaged or defective Author's Stock title. To see more information about a given book and how to order it, click on the book's title.

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Roger MacBride Allen

The Depths of Time

ISBN/order number: as-0010, $10.00 Visit the Depths of Time info page

Brenda W. Clough

Doors of Death and Life

ISBN/order number: as-0015, $23.95 Visit the Doors of Death and Life info page

How Like a God

ISBN/order number: as-0001, regular price $20.00. Special offer price $18.00 Visit the How Like a God info page

Nancy Kress

Beaker's Dozen

ISBN/order number: as-0016, $24.95 Visit the Beaker's Dozen info page

Sasha Miller


ISBN/order number: as-0008, 382 pages, $20.00 Visit the Ladylord info page

Sasha Miller & Andre Norton

Knight or Knave

ISBN/order number: as-0007, 318 pages, $23.95 Visit the Knight or Knave info page

To The King A Daughter

ISBN/order number: as-0005, 320 pages, $23.95 Visit the To The King A Daughter info page

To The King a Daughter (mm)

ISBN/order number: as-0006, 314 pages, $6.99 Visit the To The King a Daughter (mm) info page

Don Sakers

Dance for the Ivory Madonna

ISBN/order number: as-0020, $19.99 Visit the Dance for the Ivory Madonna info page

Charles Sheffield

Brother To Dragons

ISBN/order number: as-0018, $4.99 Visit the Brother To Dragons info page

Dancing With Myself

ISBN/order number: as-0014, , $4.99 Visit the Dancing With Myself info page


ISBN/order number: as-0017, $21.95 Visit the Godspeed info page

Judas Cross

ISBN/order number: as-0019, $5.50 Visit the Judas Cross info page

Lawrence Watt-Evans

Dragon Weather

ISBN/order number: as-0009, 480 pages, $26.95 Visit the Dragon Weather info page

The Rebirth of Wonder

ISBN/order number: as-0002, $3.95 Visit the Rebirth of Wonder info page

Lawrence Watt-Evans & Esther Friesner

Split Heirs

ISBN/order number: as-0004, $19.95 Visit the Split Heirs info page

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